Why CHANEL used bag is so expensive? What's happening?👜

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Recently, the dealer price of Chanel bags seems to be rising every month. Does it have anything to do with the inflation I mentioned last time? I have found some beneficial information that I would like to share with you.

Chanel Boosts Prices Again, Sending Price Tags Up by 15 Percent or More for Certain Bags

Price increases for Chanel’s Medium Classic Flap Bag (source: TFL)

We find this article below.
Chanel Boosts Prices Again, Sending Price Tags Up by 15 Percent or More for Certain Bags

"Chanel hiked up its prices twice during the pandemic. First, it tacked an increase of between 5 and 17 percent on certain bags in May 2020, citing a rise in the cost of certain raw materials...
The increases, which take effect on July 1, push the prices of styles like the Chanel 19 Small bag up by 10 percent. While on the more aggressive end of the spectrum, Chanel’s Classic Medium and Classic Jumbo Flap bags are set to increase in price by almost 15 percent to $7,800 and $8,500, respectively, whereas the Classic Maxi version, will cost $9,200, which amounts to a 15 percent more."

Why is the price of the used bag getting high?

We source our products from professional and safe dealer markets. The format of the sale is an auction.
Buyers decide the bidding price based on the actual selling price of their store. In some stores, the price of a used bag is determined by the price of a new bag. So if the price of a new bag goes up, these buyer's bidding prices will go up.

And other stores buyers cannot buy a used bag at the same bidding price anymore. So they will have to raise their selling prices because they have to bid higher.
Would you mind keeping your bag and enjoying life? It should be a great asset for you.

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