Authenticity Guarantee

Authentic guaranteed or money back

We are a second-hand dealer licensed by the Japan National Public Safety Commission. We bought the items from dealer's markets where fakes are strictly prohibited. Please bid with confidence.100 % Authentic guaranteed.

There are many fakes on the web, and we do understand you as we're also a CHANEL lover. Three ways we would recommend you are:

[Before the purchase]
1. Could you please take a moment and look at the photos carefully again? The details like seams, hardware, and leather, never lie, and we believe you can distinguish. We will be happy to send larger photos upon your request.
2. You may use the authenticator online. It costs just $5 or so. Or famous authentication site; ex. Purse forum; would help you too.

[If any problem about authentication]
3. You can return, and we pay you all cost (item, shipping to your country, shipping from your country)

The return will be accepted when proved to be fake by the brand after 14 days from the date of the item received. The buyer must submit a written document by the brand. We will tell you how to get it. Any report by the third party will not be considered as a valid document.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.