About us

What is hannari?

Since we founded our company in 2013, we have been selling used bags such as CHANEL, LOUIS VUITTON, and so on.
We are a second-hand dealer licensed by the Japanese National Public Safety Commission.
The Japanese government requires all second-hand dealers to have this license to prevent fraud. If someone in Japan sells it without taking a license, it becomes a crime.

Our business policy is to make our customer happy.
We've sold thousands of authentic CHANEL bags in the last six years.
Many customers have received gorgeous bags from us quickly and safely.

Care the leather:
You know that most of our bags are very old and vintage. The leather of some bags looks like getting tired. We are cleaning bags by using exclusive creams, dedicated leather soaps of Europe and a clean cloth made by lamb so that the leather of the bag is made into luxurious and vivid. Thus, this bag could continue to glitter by your side with every need and scenes.

Clean and protect:
Are you concerned about some owner have touched used bags? Who has brought bags to where? We can not grasp that information because we buy bags from dealer's market. But you need not make yourself uneasy at all because of buying from us. We disinfect and deodorant for all of the bags by using a suitable and safe ozone generator for a short period of time in order to make you ease and comfortable when you receive.

If you would prefer, please see our feedback page from a customer.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us
Thank you.