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The secret story of Diana flap for you! ♦👜♦

Hello gorgeous.
We hope you are doing well with your bag! Do you know Diana Flap?
The bag of CHANEL famous for what Princess Diana used was called Diana flap.
It has gained tremendous popularity in the past year or so, and the state of short supply has continued. Let me tell you the story this time. You can not miss it.

Diana Flap Chain Shoulder Bag Crossbody Black Quilted Lamb L81

It is an elegant dish representing the elegance of Diana.

I would like to explain a bit about Princess Diana.
The later Princess of Wales, Diana Frances, was born on 1 July 1961 as a grandfather of the Countess aristocrat Spencer Earl of England. Her parents divorced when she was 8 years old. In school, She was blessed with sports talent and many friends, but it is said that she was not able to obtain enough affection from her parents when she was very young, to spend her life and to be loved.

A short life of 36 years, giving love and wanting love. Diana is still famous from home and abroad and is engraved in the hearts of people as an eternal princess, such as a concert opened for her after death and a unique program was broadcast.

As I listen to this story, the view of Diana Flap has changed.

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