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Do you know CHANEL Double Flap one secret pocket?

 "I can see the zipper on the inside of the CHANEL Double Flap. What should I put this tiny pocket? What is this for? "

I would like to answer this question.

Table of Contents

  • The pocket of name on the inside of the flap
  • How to use this pocket and meaning


What is this tiny pocket?

This pocket is called "love letters pocket". The 2.55 double flap bags have this secret spot. Sometimes there is the boutique seal inside which is not a serial sticker. The zipper pull is made of leather or metal which has 3C mark, Lampo or  etc. This pull hits inside flap and made scratches in the case. So please close flap carefully and check the zipper pull is laid and stated safe.


What is this pocket for?

Legend has that Coco Chanel made this to hide the love letters inside. How sweet! When she brought the bag, she felt a lover who wrote the love letter every time.


This is the reason for this secret pocket and the name why. Which letter are you going to hide? Not only gorgeous, but lovely bag. That is the double flap.


You can see for more details about the love letters pocket below. Thank you for reading!